How US Presidential candidate McCain destroyed his own campaign by backing the Iraq war

This video from the USA is called McCain in Neverland on Iraq.

From Arianna Huffington’s blog in the USA:

McCain’s Fall a Warning to All GOP Candidates: Support the War at Your Own Risk

John McCain‘s cratering campaign is an object lesson in how to kill a candidacy in three simple steps: 1) locate the biggest foreign policy disaster in U.S. history 2) embrace it 3) implode. (Bonus step: spend money like you are Paul Brem[m]er).

McCain‘s fate should be a warning to all Republicans seeking office in 2008: continue to back the president’s war policy at your own risk.

McCain’s fall has been precipitous — tumbling from establishment GOP front-runner to single-digit also-ran.

Through much of 2005 and 2006 he was widely regarded as the presumptive Republican nominee. Hypothetical 2008 matchups regularly had him beating presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. A Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll in December 2006 had him beating Hillary by 14 points — 50% to 36%.

That’s when he decided to go all-in on Iraq, anointing himself head cheerleader for the surge.

On January 5, 2007 — less than three weeks after that poll had him trouncing Hillary — McCain gave a widely-covered speech at the American Enterprise Institute in which he advocated a “substantial” and “sustained” escalation in the number of U.S. troops in Iraq, tying himself to President Bush and his delusion-driven New Way Forward.

The effect was similar to tying an anchor to his poll numbers and throwing them overboard. Although McCain’s support had been eroding since 2006, as more and more independent voters — always a key chunk of his fan base — turned against the war, January 2007 marked the beginning of a nose dive.

See also here.

Bush’s personal revenge motive for Iraq war: here.

IN THE week that The Economist urged its US Republican readers to seriously consider Vietnam veteran John McCain as a possible presidential nominee, it is fascinating to read a graphic novel about what the Iraq occupation might look like under his presidency: here.

6 thoughts on “How US Presidential candidate McCain destroyed his own campaign by backing the Iraq war

  1. Cindy Sheehan’s March from Texas to Arrive in D.C. on July 23

    Cindy Sheehan is leading a march/drive from Crawford, Texas, to New York City. Participants in this Journey for Humanity share the goals of ending the occupation of Iraq, impeaching Cheney and Bush, restoring New Orleans, and funding human needs at home and in Iraq and Afghanistan. The march has already made big news in several states. Watch this video of a heated discussion between Cindy and an Alabama chickenhawk.

    The march will include stops at the district offices of House Judiciary Committee Members Mel Watt, Howard Coble, and Bobby Scott along the way, before arriving in Washington, D.C., on July 23rd. Below is the route and a link for more information and to get involved.

    July 17 Charlotte NC noon rally at Rep. Watt’s office, 5 p.m. at Bryant Park
    July 18 Greensboro NC 2:30 p.m. at Rep. Watt’s office, 3:30 p.m. at Rep. Coble’s office, 6 p.m. at Bennett College
    July 19 Lynchburg VA 6 p.m. meet downtown at base of Monument Terrace, march to Riverfront Park
    July 20 Charlottesville VA rally at 6 p.m. at Downtown Mall
    July 21 Richmond VA
    July 22 Arlington VA
    July 23 Washington D.C. 10 a.m. at Arlington Cemetery, march to U.S. Capitol
    July 24 Philadelphia PA
    July 25 Allentown PA
    July 26 New York NY
    July 27 United Nations Action
    July 29 Gathering of Hearts Fest, location to be announced

    The Orange Revolution Begins July 23

    On July 23, 2002, the head of British intelligence reported that Bush and Cheney were intent on invading Iraq and planned to “fix the intelligence and facts around the policy”. Five years later a million people have died in Iraq as a direct result of these lies with no end in sight. Torture has been institutionalized, habeas corpus eviscerated, and illegal spying made routine. New Orleans lies devastated along with the Constitution and the rule of law. And Bush and Cheney are making a mockery of the Democrats’ feeble gestures towards accountability.

    Enough is enough, and this July 23rd we will launch a new phase in the movement for peace and justice. We call it the Orange Revolution because starting that day wearing orange will signify that you want Congress to START IMPEACHMENT and STOP THE WAR. The majority of Americans, who want to see Bush and Cheney impeached and want an immediate end to this war, are made effectively invisible by a complicit media. Wearing orange will be our signal to each other, and to the world, about where we stand. Anything orange will do: a t-shirt, a wristband, your shoelaces. Get creative and send us your ideas. Here are a couple of great items you can wear designed specifically for the Orange Revolution:

    Orange “Drive out the Bush Regime” bandanas.

    Orange “Impeach Bush and Cheney” t-shirts:

    The Orange Revolution will be launched with acts of civil disobedience in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere to show Congress that we are serious.


  2. In Washington, D.C. on July 23, Cindy Sheehan, Ray McGovern, Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Ann Wright, Debra Sweet, Dave Lindorff, David Swanson, Jodie Evans, Medea Benjamin, Kevin Zeese, Tina Richards, and others will march from Arlington National Cemetery to the office of Congressman John Conyers. They will sit in Conyers’ office reciting the U.S. Constitution until they are either arrested or he agrees to start impeachment. You can also come and choose not to risk arrest. Meet at 10 a.m. outside the Arlington National Cemetery Metro stop:

    Similiar actions will take place the same day in the offices of Rep. Howard Berman in California and Rep. Pete Visclosky in Indiana, and at Rep. Conyers’ district offices in Detroit. If you are willing to go to jail for justice, you are encouraged to come to Washington to participate in the civil disobedience, or to stage a sit-in at your congress member’s district office, either on the 23rd or another day. Using our new tool, you can pledge to take part only if 20 others do the same:

    If you cannot join in on the 23rd, please wear orange in solidarity, and please phone Congressman Conyers’ office that day asking him to please move forward on impeachment: (202) 225-5126.


    Get Presidential

    Also on July 23rd, the Democratic presidential candidates will take part in an evening debate run by CNN, Google, and Youtube. People are submitting their own questions through Youtube, and currently the fourth most popular topic is impeachment. You can submit questions and vote on them here:


    Cheney Is Pushing Bush to Attack Iran

    The latest disturbing news on the Vice President’s push for another aggressive war is here:

    The third article of impeachment against Cheney contained in H. Res. 333 charges him with threatening an aggressive war on Iran. Impeachment can prevent Cheney from acting on his threat. Watch Robert Greenwald’s video and sign the petition:

    Learn more about this bill and what you can do to impeach Dick Cheney:


    Join People of Iraq in Opposing Theft of Oil

    Today, July 16, Iraqis took to the streets of Basra, Iraq, in opposition to the Oil Law that the US government is pressuring the Iraqi Parliament to pass. See video. Led by the Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions (IFOU), this demonstration charged that the proposed Oil Law surrenders Iraq’s economic sovereignty to multinational oil companies and demanded that the Iraqi Parliament reject it.

    The people of Iraq are united in opposition to the Oil Law, but the Iraqi Parliament continues to face intense pressure from the Bush Administration. The law would open two thirds of Iraq’s oil to foreign control through contracts that could last as long as 30 years. Originally written with the assistance of US officials and contractors, the law is also one the benchmarks imposed by the US that the Iraqis must meet in order to receive continued reconstruction aid.

    Drop the Benchmark! Take action in solidarity with the people of Iraq!

    If you live in the United States, please call or write to your elected officials today and tell them to drop the oil law benchmark and cease all U.S. pressure on the Iraqis to pass the Oil Law. Tell them it is unacceptable that the US has any role in determining the future of Iraq’s oil industry, especially when it is being written to primarily benefit US companies. Use this link to email your members of Congress, or reach your members by calling the Congressional Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and asking for your member’s office.


    Bill Moyers Airs One-Hour Impeachment Special on PBS

    On Friday, PBS aired a one-hour special on impeachment featuring Bruce Fein, Deputy Attorney General under Ronald Reagan and well-known Republican, and John Nichols, author of “The Genius of Impeachment” and well-known Democrat, both arguing for impeachment. Watch it here.

    Use this and other videos to organize events in your town or your house:


    Cities for Peace Day and Concert for Impeachment

    July 31, 2007, is Cities for Peace Day in Washington DC! Come, March, Hold Your City’s Sign! Cities for Peace is a campaign that has helped people all over the country persuade 255 city and state governments to pass resolutions calling for an end to the occupation of Iraq. and ask you to help us speed up the end of the Iraq occupation by participating on July 31 in DC. Please come and hold Cities for Peace signs for your community or your neighbors’ community! We will march to the White House and deliver resolutions, petitions, and referenda. And we will accompany locally-elected officials to Capitol Hill where they will give testimony on the Local Costs of the Iraq War.

    We are endorsing, promoting and participating in this exciting event and we need your participation as well:

    The day’s events will be followed by a concert for impeachment at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C.


  3. 1.
    Washroom Sex Bust Blow To McCain Campaign
    Posted by: “bigraccoon” redwoodsaurus
    Sat Oct 20, 2007 6:44 pm (PST)
    Washroom Sex Bust Blow To McCain Campaign

    July 12, 2007

    A co-chair of Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign in
    Florida has been busted for trying to pick up an undercover
    male police officer.

    State Rep. Bob Allen (R) is charged with offering the cop $20
    for oral sex in a washroom at Veteran’s Memorial Park in
    Titusville. McCain’s Florida campaign co-chairman was
    arrested wednesday after offering to perform oral sex on a
    male police officer for twenty dollars.

    Police said that Allen, 48, was seen coming in and out of a
    restroom three times before approaching the officer.

    Allen has been charged with solicitation for prostitution,
    which has a maximum penalty of one year in jail.

    The state lawmaker is one of six co-chairs of McCain’s Florida
    campaign. Allen posted a $500 bond and was released
    pending trial.

    Ironically in the last session of the Florida legislature he
    sponsored a failed bill that would have tightened the state’s
    prohibition on public sex. Representative Allen also has a
    90% rating of support from the Christian Coalition who have
    endorsed him in each election for the florida house.

    Meanwhile, two McCain strategists abandoned the campaign
    in Iowa on Thursday. Ed Failor Jr.and Karen Slifka longtime
    GOP operatives with deep ties in Iowa.

    The three withdrawals Thursday will hurt McCain’s campaign
    already damaged by money problems.


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