US Presidential candidate McCain defends indefensible Iraq war

McCain and Bush, cartoonBy Patrick Martin:

John McCain at VMI: A blunt statement of US imperialism’s stake in Iraq

13 April 2007

The speech delivered by Senator John McCain Wednesday at the Virginia Military Institute sheds light on the deepening crisis of the entire US political establishment over the worsening position of the US occupation regime and the growth of mass popular opposition to the war.

While McCain’s speech was portrayed by the media as an attempt to revive his faltering presidential campaign by appealing to the hard core of Republican Party supporters of the war, the event had a broader significance.

McCain’s remarks encapsulated the contradictions wracking the US ruling elite.

The speech was a string of lies and distortions, in its depiction of the causes of the war and the current conditions in Iraq, combined with the assertion of a brutal truth: that American imperialism cannot and will not accept defeat in this war, regardless of the sentiments of the great majority of the Iraqi and American people.

McCain Baghdad update 1 July 2007: here.

US racist Don Imus‘ propaganda for the Iraq war: here.

US bigots Ann Coulter and Don Imus, cartoon by Mikhaela

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