21 thoughts on “Cholera killing Iraqis

  1. Ordinary Syrians protest U.S. raid
    “We want the Americans to stop their acts of terrorism in Syria, in Iraq and the rest of the world.”

    Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq denounces SOFA
    “[T]he occupiers will leave, therefore we consider the approval of this agreement and signature on it by any party will be considered as treason and illegal because this agreement is coercive and humiliating.”

    Marines rely on police death squads in Ramadi
    Never mind that he wears a hatchet on his belt, a powerful reminder of the legend of how the commander of the North Ramadi police district attained his post — reportedly hacking to death members of Al Qaeda in Iraq in the streets.

    Military’s burn pit at Balad poisons thousands
    An open-air “burn pit” at the largest U.S. base in Iraq may have exposed tens of thousands of troops, contractors and Iraqis to cancer-causing dioxins, poisons such as arsenic and carbon monoxide, and hazardous medical waste. . . . Most large U.S. installations in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan, have burn pits.



    GI Resistance: A soldier’s conscience
    “I joined because I was poor, to put it simply. . . . When a woman and child are killed in Afghanistan, we pay them in rice and goats. A lot of humanitarian aid missions went like that.”

    GI Resistance: Iraq War resister details severe abuse as deportation date approaches
    “I feel that the army will be particularly harsh on me because I have spoken out about my opinions and because I am publicly on record as being a war resister.”

    Antiwar Labor: Union locals embrace a call for a antiwar strike
    One resolution was written for the national convention of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). . . . The second resolution was addressed to the annual convention of the Washington State Labor Council (WSLC).


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