Petition to save Mabira forest in Uganda

Green-breasted pitta

From Ilya MacLean at the BirdForum, with links added and non working URL’s corrected by me:

Mabira Forest destruction – petition

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni continues to pursue legally dubious plans to destroy large areas of Uganda’s last important intact and protected rainforests.

Some one-third of Mabira Forest Reserve, about 7,000 hectares of an area, which has been protected since 1932, will lose its protection for sugar cane production by the Mehta Group.

More details of the Ugandan Government’s plans here.

Mabira Forest is one of the last remnants of mid-altitude rainforest in Uganda and hosts more breeding bird species than the whole of the United Kingdom, including important species such as Green-breasted Pitta.

A lot of Ugandans, including local farmers recognise the value of the forest to their livelihoods.

A few days ago there were protests about it in Kampala and two innocent people were killed when the police opened fire with real bullets.

I think there is a strong case for internationalising the campaign to stop the forest destruction.

President Museveni is under a lot of within country pressure to not go ahead with the plans, and the destruction is by no means a forgone conclusion.

Over 50% of the Ugandan economy is derived from international NGOs and donor support and the government of Uganda tends to bow down to international pressure.

If you feel like taking it further. Contact the Mehta group here.

Or write the UK offices: Mr D D Desai, 8 Grosvenor Gardens, Oakwood, London, N14 4TX.

The Mehta group own Sugar Corporation of Uganda Limited, the company that would be responsible for growing sugar in the cleared forest.

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