Ugandan conservationists fight give-away of forests to corporations

This video is called Lake Bunyoni Uganda.

From BirdLife:

Uganda weighs up value of its forest reserves


NatureUganda (BirdLife in Uganda) are among a number of organisations putting forward their defence to the Ugandan government over the apparent ‘give-away’ of forest reserves for large-scale production of sugarcane and palm oil.

The events follow months of speculation surrounding the government’s attempts to push for forest ‘give-aways’ in the country, whereby government licenses allow private companies to convert gazetted forest reserves for intensive agricultural use.

“Losing these forests, particularly the Mabira Forest Reserve, would have enormous repercussions for both people and wildlife in Uganda.” said Achilles Byaruhanga, Executive Director of NatureUganda (BirdLife in Uganda).

“As a result, we are working hard to ensure the government understands that holding onto these sites is of utmost importance, both in terms of conserving biodiversity and in terms of poverty reduction and economic growth.”

Mabira Forest Reserve is listed by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area (IBA).

The forest contains over 300 species of bird, including the Endangered Nahan’s Francolin Francolinus nahani.

The forest also supports nine species of primate, a recently identified new mangabey subspecies in Uganda, Lophocebus albigena johnstoni and a new species of Short-tailed Fruit Bat.

“The fact that we are still discovering new species of large animals in this forest is a pointer to its value for biodiversity.” commented Byaruhanga.

“The forest also serves as catchment for many of the region’s rivers, providing freshwater for over one million people before joining the Nile.”

Echuya Central Forest Reserve in Uganda: here.

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