UK Blair government fails to gag cash-for-honours story

Tony Blair's money for peerages scandal, cartoon

From British daily The Independent:

Goldsmith fails to gag new cash-for-honours story

Published: 06 March 2007

Attorney General Lord Goldsmith failed in a legal bid to stop publication today of fresh information surrounding the cash-for-honours investigation.

A judge refused to grant an injunction to stop The Guardian printing a story suggesting Lord Levy may have attempted to influence the evidence of senior Downing Street aide Ruth Turner.

Lord Goldsmith secured an injunction on Friday blocking the BBC from running a news item which the police had said could “impede their inquiries”.

Its terms were later relaxed to allow the BBC to report that Ms Turner was the author of the document and that it concerned Tony Blair’s chief fund raiser.

But The Guardian went further today, suggesting detectives were examining whether Lord Levy had attempted to “shape” her evidence to the inquiry.

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