Ugandan army accused of massacring children

Karamoja in Uganda

From AMERICAblog:

Children massacred by Uganda army according to report

by Chris in Paris · 3/30/2007 02:52:00 AM ET

The Bush-friendly government often struggles with the truth, so groups such as Save the Children might be more reliable sources than government and military leaders:

Ugandan army raids in the country’s troubled northeast killed up to 66 children who were shot or crushed by armored vehicles and stampeding animals, aid workers said Friday, citing witnesses.

Children’s rights charity Save the Children said it has met with 256 people who reported the deaths during raids by the Ugandan People’s Defense Force on a cattle ranch in Karamoja on February 12.

“Reports of children being killed in indiscriminate, illegal and inhumane way is absolutely devastating.

Such allegations must be fully investigated and those involved brought to account,” said Valter Tinderholt, country director of Save the Children in Uganda.

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