Ugandan dictatorship arrests oppositionist again

This video from Uganda is called Kiiza Besigye arrest.

From Uganda Online:

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Besigye Arrested for the Fourth Time

Dr. Kizza Besigye has been arrested for the fourth time as he drove to his office. His car was surrounded by his supporters leaving the police with no choice but to have him arrested and use tear gas to disperse the huge crowd.

Of course the police did have the choice not to use violence against non-violent protesters.

However, their boss, dictator and military ally of the Pentagon in the bloody Somalia war, Yoweri Museveni, did not leave them that choice.

Most schools are getting their holidays today so some parents requested Dr. Besigye not to walk to work this Thursday for the sake of their children and he obliged by driving, though it is not clear what pace his car was moving at the time of the arrest.

He is being held at Wandegeya police station. Details of the arrest will be availed as and when they are made available.

Meanwhile, the media has been warned over live broadcast of the walk to work demos which are being perceived as being one sided. The assumption is that, they show the police quelling demonstrators but not what causes the police to react.

During Easter, large groups of faithful people walk with the cross to various places but it’s not clear if the Easter walk won’t be mixed with those walking to protest the high fuel prices.

Photo essay: How Besigye Was Arrested Today: here.

Update 27 April 2011: Besigye still in jail.

UPDATE 27 April 2011: Besigye released on bail.

Ugandan police teargas and arrest opposition leader: here.

Besigye Arrives Home: here. And here.

Uganda riots reach capital as anger against President Museveni grows: here.

Uganda Police and Opposition Supporters Clash: here.

Ugandan mother and children eat only once a day: here.

Valerie Tarico, Away Point: “Christian extremists in Uganda’s parliament are hoping that hunger and high gas prices will provide the cover they need to finally subject gay men to punishment of biblical proportions. They have introduced a bill, up for vote on May 11, that seeks life imprisonment for gay sex and, for repeat offenders, the death penalty. Last year, similar legislation was averted by international outrage. President Museveni was afraid of losing valuable aid dollars, and after outcry arose across the West, with Barack Obama calling the law ‘odious,’ Museveni prevented the bill from coming to a vote”: here.

LGBT rights: A setback for bigots in Uganda: here.

Oil prices hit their highest level in over two years this month, cutting into workers’ incomes, compounding the effects of high unemployment, and fueling protests around the world: here.

6 thoughts on “Ugandan dictatorship arrests oppositionist again

  1. Ugandan beauty product workers strike

    Workers employed by beauty product manufacturer Movit Products went on strike last Friday in protest at low pay and rapidly rising commodity prices. The workers are paid Sh3000 (US$1.25) for a 12-hour day. They were also protesting about ill treatment by management and poor food.

    According to the Kampala Monitor newspaper, the strikers were met with aggressive police action using tear gas and live bullets when they surrounded the Movit premises in the Zana township area of Kampala.

    Botswana public sector workers’ strike

    Around 90,000 public sector workers began a 10-day strike on Monday. Workers involved include education, health and border post workers. The workers are represented by the Botswana Federation of Public Sector Unions.

    They are seeking a 16 percent wage increase; the government is offering 5 percent. Public sector workers have had a three-year wage freeze, and inflation is currently running at nearly 9 percent.

    Zambian construction workers strike

    Around 50 construction workers, working on the stadium in Ndola, went on strike Monday demanding a pay increase and improved safety and conditions of service. The workers are employed by the Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Company.

    The multipurpose stadium, which will hold over 40,000, is due to be completed by August.


  2. Anti-gay law may drop executions

    UGANDA: The MP behind a homophobic bill that attracted worldwide condemnation said the most controversial part of the legislation – the death penalty – is likely to be dropped.

    David Bahati said that, if the parliamentary committee currently reviewing the Bill recommends that the death penalty provision be removed, “I would concede.”

    “The death penalty is something we have moved away from,” he said.


  3. Ugandan steel workers strike
    Tembo steel workers in the district of Inganga, Uganda, went on a sit-down strike yesterday in protest at low pay and poor working conditions. Workers complained that their pay of 40,000 shillings per month, or $16.80, was too low given the high cost of living. No safety gear was provided, and workers had to pay for it themselves.
    Other grievances included mistreatment by management. “We are mistreated by the bosses and those involved in accidents in the factory are neglected” one of the workers reported. “About three people were involved in accidents late last year at the furnace but were not given any money to take care of themselves and when you look at them they are in bad condition.”
    “Given the bad situation, here some of the female workers are forced to have sex with the bosses so that they can get some money to buy food and support their families”, said a female worker.
    The strikers were told to go back to work by Vincent Ojiambo, general secretary of the Ugandan Mines, Metal, Oil, Gas and Allied Workers Union. But workers said they would not return until their concerns had been addressed.
    The workers went on strike last year over the same issues.


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