Butterflies of the Cairngorms in Scotland

The Dingy Skipper At Woolley Colliery from David Wise on Vimeo.

From the BBC:

Butterflies could help boost tourism to the Highlands, according to a group dedicated to protecting the insects.

Butterfly Conservation Scotland said the Cairngorms were home to more than 20 species. …

Species listed by Butterfly Conservation Scotland include the dingy skipper, green hairstreak, red admiral, small pearl-bordered fritillary, speckled wood and painted lady.

Cairngorms nature reserves: here.

Help needed to keep the Cairngorms National Park a special place for native wildlife: here.

Butterflies in Scotland: here.

Sand Mountain Blue Butterfly in Nevada, USA: here.

Sinai baton blue: here.

Highway closed for butterfly migration in Taiwan: here.

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