4 thoughts on “Africa: Stanley never said ‘Dr Livingstone, I presume’; and other lies

  1. It is about time the truth gets published. For more about the true Stanley, read the excellent book “King Leopold’s Ghost”. Gruesome, but well written and well researched. I have spent quite a bitr of time the last 2 years working in Tanzania (teaching medical staff about HIV-treatment), including Tabora and Ujiji, and I am often disturbed by the veneration with which this charlatan and profiteer is treated by tourists and businesses (there are many Stanley Hotels, and Stanley Roads). Many Tanzanians consider Stanley for what he really was: half a step up from a slave-trader. But most keep their opinions to themselves, so as not to upset the tourists…


  2. Hi Guy, thanks for this comment. I agree. While exposing Stanley’s lies and noting his role in colonialism, the new biography, as far as I understand, nevertheless considers him a “great explorer”. Well, one might call travelling so far through unknown country a quality; but does it outweigh other, negative, points?


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