USA one year after Hurricane Katrina

Bush and hurricane Katrina, cartoonA year after Hurricane Katrina, President Bush is still trying to make up for the federal government’s fumbled relief efforts.

Public opinion of Bush’s handling of the crisis is as low as it was just weeks after the hurricane, and a majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the progress made in the region during the last year.

Public perception of the situation is so marked that presidential counselor Dan Bartlett admitted the administration is well aware that New Orleans residents “are skeptical about our commitment.”

Inside Washington, the President continues to face criticism from both Democrats and Republicans.

Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana said the administration was “slow and reluctant,” adding, “the president has not maintained the bully pulpit on Katrina.”

“I might argue that this was the worst thing that’s happened to George Bush in the whole six years of his presidency,” Sen. Chuck Schumer said. “It was a perception-altering event.”

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