Music and poetry in The Hague

This video from Britain says about itself:

Video for Cats to Watch Birds – Rook & Jackdaw – Filmed and Edited by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Filmed in May 2015

Tonight was a night of music and poetry in the American Book Center in The Hague.

On my way there, on the railway station, a parent domestic pigeon and a juvenile pigeon (with paler red feet), sharing a piece of bread.

Then, the parent went a few meters aside.

A jackdaw wanted some of the food.

Three times, he went in the direction of the bread, but three times, the young pigeon, screaming angrily, drove him back.

The fourth time, the jackdaw went past the pigeon, swiftly grabbed half of the bread and flew away.

The young pigeon proceeded to eat the rest. Its parent did not involve itself in the issue.

According to Animal Behaviour journal of August 2006, jackdaws often share food.

In the American Book Center in The Hague, there was a mixed audience: people from The Netherlands, the USA, Iraq, Iran, and elsewhere.

On stage, first a Dutch singer-songwriter.

He announced he would sing all songs about love; not about ‘loveless Rita’ (hardline Dutch immigration minister Rita Verdonk).

Hist last song was about koalas.

Next two guitarists, with one of them singing.

Including a song on New Orleans.

My poems, mostly in English, were about a ladybug, and a carp.

And two about Iraq, one of which was about Sadr City in the east of Baghdad.

An Iraqi poet from there thanked me for this when he went on stage.

He mentioned that it had originally been Revolution City, then under Saddam Hussein Saddam City, now Sadr City.

Most people there are workers or otherwise poor.

The poet said Abd al Karim Qasim, leader of the 1958 republican uprising against the monarchy, was popular there.

He did not share Qasim’s ideology, but nevertheless thougt he had been a good man.

Then, another singer-songwiter.

Then, poetry by Dick Tucker from England, including on postboxes.

Then, some Dutch rap and poetry.

An Iraqi poet, with some poems in Dutch, some in Arabic.

I was invited to an event with Iraqi, Indian, and other poets.

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