Poetry in The Spotted Cow

Muses, by Eustache Le Sueur

This afternoon, there was poetry reading in the pub De Bonte Koe (The Spotted Cow).

The presenter was poetess Pink Meltzer; officially Ingeline Suze Marie Meltzer.

She used to be women’s emancipation official at Leiden University.

She wore pink shoes and shawl, and a bag with PINK BAG in big letters on it.

The first poet today was Paul Groenendaal, first reading his acrostichon poem on Rembrandt, which he had read at Sidac studio as well.

This time, he did not wear a Rembrandt style hat.

Then , he read two poems by Francina van Turendrecht.

The next poet was Hans te Slaa from Zoetermeer, influenced by 1950s poet Lucebert.

Then, Susanne Metaal, with four poems.

Then, Jenny van Amsterdam played guitar, and sang.

Including Norwegian Wood, by The Beatles; and Sacrifice, by Anouk.

Then, Han Ruijgrok.

Before starting with his poems, he mentioned some other poetry events in the near future.

Then, Kees van der Kolk.

His first poem could only be deciphered by lip-reading, as it was, intentionally, so silent.

Then, the poem Witte ruis (white noise).

And: Mooi (the Dutch word for “beautiful”, read with several different accents).

Then Raymond van Es, who had performed at Sidac as well.

He started with two love poems, with the scene of the second one set in ancient Egypt.

He had flown by plane to Luxor.

Then, a poem on hurricane Katrina.

Then, one about stopping smoking.

Then, Ton Jansen, inspired by Pink Floyd.

Peter van Leeuwen was next, with a long poem on De Bonte Koe existing 125 years.

Then Peter van den Berg, with the same poem on the danger to Rembrandt’s drawings as in Sidac studio.

And a new poem on cattle disease.

Then my four poems: on a carp, on two moorhens, on a ladybug, and on a gazelle.

As last poet on stage, slam poet Jaap Montagne.

Finally, Pink Meltzer, without instruments, sang on subjects like divorce and murder.

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