Sea Life aquarium in Scheveningen

Potamotrygon motoro

In Scheveningen, suburb of The Hague bordering on the North Sea, is Sea Life aquarium.

Originally, it was limited to showing fish and other marine animals of the North Sea.

However, today it has also tropical marine and fresh water aquariums.

It used to have a big North Sea aquarium with cods as the stars.

However, that is gone now, in a sad parallel to the decline of the cod in the sea due to overfishing.

The biggest aquarium, with a tunnel where visitors can walk underneath, is now for tropical marine fish.

Sea Life Scheveningen aquarium is special in having at least two species of jellyfish, difficult to keep alive in captivity.

They also having herring, also difficult in captivity.

Fish species reproducing here include the South American fresh water ray Potamotrygon motoro; Pterapogon kauderni; Geophagus braziliensis.

Among other denizens: two green turtles, from a farm in the Cayman Islands.

There was also an exhibition against seal killing in Canada.

Ice age imprint found on cod DNA: here.

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