Costa Rica: Cocos Island marine treasures in danger

Cocos IslandPrensa Latina reports:

San Jose, Ago 17 Officials of Costa Rican Isla de Coco [aka Cocos Island] National Park in the Pacific Ocean, 330 miles from Cape Blanco, have denounced that the plundering and depredation of several species is unstoppable and has reached worrying levels.

The poachers look for specific species to sell, according to declarations Thursday by officials at the Marine Conservation Area, declared a World Natural Heritage in 1997.

Other species, not particularly sought, but in danger of extinction, fall into the nets and traps of the criminal fishermen.

Sipunculans and Echiurans of Isla del Coco (Cocos Island), Costa Rica: here.

Cocos Island—a #shark haven—uses radar to protect marine life from illegal fishing: here.

8 thoughts on “Costa Rica: Cocos Island marine treasures in danger

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