Costa Rican Desmostylus fossil found


AFP reports:

First fossil of ancient mammal found in Costa Rica: press

Costa Rican scientists discovered what they said was a fossil belonging to an amphibious mammal that was previously unknown to the tropics, a local newspaper reported Sunday.

Fossilized teeth of Desmostylus hesperus, a long-extinct mammal, have turned up in California and Japan, but never before in a tropical country such as Costa Rica, they told the San Jose daily.

The animal lived some seven million to five million years ago, to judge by the Pacific Ocean sediments in which the fossil was found, geologist Ana Lucia Valerio and paleontologist Cesar Laurito told the newspaper.

The tooth appeared to be from a young member of the species, which looked something like a manatee or an elephant, to which they are closely related, the scientists told the daily.

See also here.

This 4 November 2018 video says about itself:

Desmostylians were a very strange-looking group of mysterious animals that lived for millions of years before disappearing, becoming the only known order of marine mammals to die out.

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