Tony Blair’s son Euan breaks with moderate US Democrat Congresswoman on Iraq

Blair family

Remember British Prime Minister Blair’s son Euan?

He first became known for being drunk in public.

Then, for going to the USA to work for conservative Republican Congressman David Dreier:

The newspaper reported the move had prompted surprise among Democrat politicians, who see the UK’s Labour Party as their natural ally.

Actually, unlike the US Democrat party, the British Labour party has its origins in the workers’ movement.

So, historically, Labour is to the left of the US Democrats.

However, the pro George W Bush policies of Tony Blair, and apparently of his son Euan, are to the Right of a very moderate member of that definitely not too left US party.

When the above mentioned conflict on Euan Blair working for a very Rightist Republican arose, the Tony Blair camp tried to whitewash things by saying Euan would work for a Democrat as well.

That Democrat was US Congresswoman Jane Harman.

According to British daily The Independent:

Thanks to her husband’s audio equipment fortune, Ms Harman is one of the wealthiest members of Congress, and is suspected by some inside her party of being “too moderate and inclined to accommodate the Republican agenda”.

Well, apparently not accommodating enough for young Mr Bliar …sorry, typo … well, never mind.

The same Independent article says:

The Prime Minister’s eldest son abruptly left his internship with Jane Harman after just two weeks. …

The whisper on some of the smarter Westminster streets yesterday is that he found Ms Harman’s office “too left-wing” for his liking.

As Ms Harman now criticizes George W Bush’s, and young Blair’s father’s, decision to attack Iraq.

A second possible reason for Euan Blair’s sudden departure:

But Roll Call, which reported Euan’s departure from Ms Harman’s office, opted for a more prosaic explanation.

It wrote that he seemed “uninterested” in the junior tasks he was set, and described him as a “dilettante”.

An earlier entry, of 5 May, from my ModBlog cache:

As expected, Tony Blair heavily lost the English local elections.

Losing hundreds of seats, Blair managed to make Labour, once the biggest party, third party, with fewer votes than Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

Congratulations … NOT!

Parties criticizing Blair’s pro-war and anti-civil liberties policies from the left, like the Greens and Respect, won seats.

Blair, in order to take media attention away from his own failure, sacked Interior secretary Charles Clarke, involved in one of many Blair administration scandals.

Something Blair had said he would not do.

However, opportunism being so prevalent …

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