Chinese all-girl punk band Dummy Toys

This 2021 music video from China about an all-women band says about itself:

Dummy Toys – “Street Punk Girls” MV

Name: Dummy Toys乐队
Country of origin: China
Location: Qingdao
Genre: Punk-Rock

This video is called Dummy Toys – “Wake Up Bitches” Goes To Lanzhou 2019.

Their Bandcamp site is here. An interview with the band is here.

This 2020 video is called Dummy Toys – Not A Puppet [FULL ALBUM]. That CD was on the band´s own label.

The tracks are:

00:00 Intro 00:49 Street Punk Girls 02:30 Not A Puppet 04:34 Adespota thing 06:14 Anti Sweet Girl 07:53 City Of Dead 10:02 Flying Young Girl 11:47 I’m a Zombie 12:57 Universe Recombination 14:40 Mentally Deficient 16:42 Hallucination 19:09 DMC Baby 21:56 Thank you for Ramones

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