‘American Democrats should support Medicare for All’

This December 2019 video by Senator Bernie Sanders from the USA says about itself:

Here is why you shouldn’t believe the health industry‘s lies about Medicare for All.

By Karyn Hollis in the USA today:

I’m a proud Our Revolution member in suburban Philadelphia, a professor at Villanova University, and, most recently, an elected Bernie Pennsylvania delegate (CD05) to the Democratic National Convention.

Today, I’m reaching out to let you know why I voted NO on the 2020 DNC Platform, along with more than 800 other Bernie delegates.

Despite 80% of Democrats supporting Medicare for All, the Democratic platform draft does not include it.

Pitch in here to help Our Revolution organizing around Medicare for All and electoral work for candidates who support it.

The will of 8 in 10 Democratic voters, a catastrophic pandemic, and an economic disaster where tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs and health coverage should count more than donations and lobbying from the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

We are speaking up for the millions of Democrats and other Americans who’ve cried out for Medicare for All in this time of catastrophic pandemic illness and massive unemployment.

We must defeat Donald Trump and stop creeping fascism, but we will also work to change the Democratic Party when they side with corporate power vs. the overwhelming majority of their voters.

That’s why I’ve been excited to serve as a coordinator for over 1,000 Our Revolution volunteers on Slack — volunteers who call, text, email, research, and help Our Revolution groups and candidates mobilize across the country.

We helped reach more than 25,000 voters to boost turnout for Cori Bush‘s candidacy for Congress in St. Louis. Cori now joins Sponsor Pramila Jayapal, the Squad and 125 other Members of Congress next year fighting for Medicare for All.

Karyn Hollis
Our Revolution Member
PA Democratic Convention Delegate

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