Global action against unsafe premature back-to-work

This 27 May 2027 video says about itself:

Reel News International meeting: June 1 Global Day of Action

Activists from twelve different countries joined a Reel News zoom call of films and discussion to build for a global day of action on June 1, over governments’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The “people’s strike” movement, started in the USA after the lockdown was prematurely lifted, is now spreading throughout the world as global struggles over the unnecessary deaths of thousands of working-class people rises dramatically. A number of those struggles are shown in this video, particularly from the Global South.

Among the powerful contributors were Kali Akuno from Cooperation Jackson (who started the people’s strike movement), Chris SmallsAmazon worker sacked for leading a walkout at the huge Staten Island warehouse, Paola Crozet Sanchez from the workers and youth-led movement for climate and social justice in Switzerland, Nasir Mansoor from the National Trade Union Federation, Pakistan, where there are huge garment worker strikes; Sara from precarious health workers in Spain; parent Jennifer Jones and teacher Kirstie Paton from the campaigns to stop schools reopening in the UK; Enzo Perfetto from SI COBAS in Italy; and Tea Jarc, who joined the call live from an incredible 15,000 strong demo against the far-right government in Slovenia.

As Chris Smalls said, “These billionaires, these one-percenters … want us they’re telling us to go back to work and make the money for them. This is the modern-day slavery – but this is the modern-day breaking of the chains right here. We have to come together all over the globe as one.”

3 thoughts on “Global action against unsafe premature back-to-work

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