‘Slaughterhouse workers, modern slaves during COVID-19’

This 22 April 2020 video from Canada says about itself:

Hundreds sick as Cargill closes meat-processing plant at centre of COVID-19 outbreak

Cargill has temporarily closed its meat-processing plant in High River, Alberta, after a worker died and more than 484 people have become sick amid an outbreak of COVID-19 linked to the plant.

To read more: here.

On 24 May 2020, Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad reported about slaughterhouses in the Netherlands. Translated:

Tonight it was announced that 147 of the 657 workers at the Vion slaughterhouse in Groenlo are infected with coronavirus. Personnel in other slaughterhouses are unsure whether it is still safe to go to work and wonder who cares about the often vulnerable labour migrants. …

After major coronavirus outbreaks already occurred abroad in March and April, infections have now also been detected in at least three Dutch slaughterhouses. The Vion slaughterhouse in Groenlo is temporarily closed. According to the trade union federation FNV, the workers of other slaughterhouses are now very worried. “But we don’t see a minister taking responsibility.” …

“Whether it is still justified to work in the slaughterhouse? No, in principle not.”

Blendle.com writes about the report (translated):

Our slaughterhouses are ideal coronavirus breeding grounds. How is that possible? The slaughterhouse workers say nothing, because then they would be fired.

Is it because of the shoulder-to-shoulder work or the moist air? Whatever it may be, the anxious migrant workers have to work on in this “modern slavery”, as eyewitnesses call the work.

The chairman of the slaughterhouse bosses organisation, called Jos Goebbels, claims that the bosses are innocent.

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