Spanish neofascists want killing for Wall Street

This February 2020 video says about itself:

Spain: Far-right protesters perform fascist salutes at “Spain Exists” demo in Barcelona

Far-right protesters raised their arms in fascist salutes as they confronted Catalan independence supporters in Barcelona’s Sant Jaume Square, outside regional government buildings, on Sunday.

The rally was called under the slogan “Espana existe” (Spain exists in English), with similar protests held outside local government offices in all provincial capitals.

Antifascist and pro-Catalan independence protesters staged a counter demonstration holding signs and Catalan flags.

Vox members also took part in the demonstration with the party’s MP Ignacio Garriga …

In contrast, Carles Riera, the spokesperson of Catalonia’s pro-independence CUP party, warned that “Every space and every metre that is left free for fascism, it’s an attack against democracy, freedoms and everyone’s rights.”

Dutch NOS radio reports today that in Madrid, the capital of Spain, the neofascist Vox party, the heirs of the Franco dictatorship, have demonstrated for ending anti-COVID measures.

According to the NOS (translated):

Spain has been severely affected by the coronavirus with more than 28,000 deaths. … For some regions, lockdown relaxations have already been announced.

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