Coronavirus disaster, European news

This 2 May 2020 video from Britain says about itself:

EXPOSED: Where Did Myth Most Elderly People Killed by Coronavirus “Would Have Died Anyway” come from?

Most elderly people killed by Coronavirus would not have died otherwise, a new study by Liverpool university concludes.

A callous myth previously peddled by the BBC & Sky News.

Where did that myth come from? A Key Government Advisor, that’s where.

UK: Delays to medical treatment during pandemic will cost thousands of lives. By Jean Gibney, 2 May 2020. Reports claim that deaths due to the disruption of cancer services alone are likely to outnumber deaths from the coronavirus itself over the next five years.

Nearly 300 meat-processing workers infected by coronavirus at German slaughterhouse. By Marianne Arens, 2 May 2020. While almost 300 workers at a Baden-Württemberg slaughterhouse have COVID-19, the plant remains open.

German government accelerates its deadly back-to-work initiative. By Johannes Stern, 2 May 2020. Despite the continuing spread of the COVID-19 internationally, the German government is accelerating its lifting of the limited restrictions imposed to prevent transmission of the virus.

Russia: Two ministers, one deputy test positive for COVID as workers’ protests grow. By Clara Weiss, 2 May 2020. Just one day after Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin was hospitalized for COVID-19, the minister for construction, housing and communal services and his deputy also tested positive.

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