Disoriented Baillon’s crake freed in Malta

This 2 May 2020 video from Malta says about itself:

Disoriented Baillon’s Crake released back into the wild

Occasionally we are called to recover birds in strange circumstances. Bird migration can be a stressful experience for many birds, especially when along their way they find cities, buildings and man-made structures which at times renders their lives more difficult. Many birds, such as crakes and moorhens, prefer to migrate through the night to avoid being caught by predators, and it is often the case they end up in the middle of our urban areas completely disoriented, especially with light pollution.

This Baillon’s Crake (Maltese name: Gallozz tal-Faxxi) is one of such birds we have recovered during this spring migration, after it was found within the courtyard of a residence in Paola. Luckily the person who found this bird did recognise this is a wild bird which does not belong in a courtyard and called upon us to retrieve it. After a quick check by the vets, the bird was actually found to be in a fit condition so it was just a matter of it being ringed and released in a more suitable wetland habitat such as that of Għadira Nature Reserve.

Given their cryptic nature of hiding in vegetation and the fact that they migrate night, Baillon’s Crakes are hard to spot and we are uncertain of how many of them migrate through the Maltese Islands. It was a sure honour for us to return this healthy yet disoriented bird back to nature – definitely one we don’t get to see that often.

Footage by BirdLife Malta. Editing by Nathaniel Attard.

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