Zambian leopard eats out of crocodile’s mouth

This 25 February 2020 video says about itself:

Leopard Eats Food Right Out a Crocodile‘s Mouth

Watch the incredible moment a leopard builds up enough courage to go up to crocodile and eat right from its mouth!

This incredible moment of an opportunistic leopard stealing a croc’s meal right out of its mouth was filmed by Nicole Dangoor, a ranger at the Bush Camp Company.

She shared this incredible sighting with, and tells the story.

Nicole was joined by a group of safari visitors on a night drive in the South Luangwa National Park. They stopped to watch a couple of crocodiles who were in the middle of a feast when a leopard crept closer to the crocodile with the bulk of the food, seemingly interested in what the crocodile had in its mouth.

As the light was shining on the crocodile for a better view for the guests, the opportunistic leopard risked the chance and started biting and clawing at the pieces of meat dangling from the croc’s mouth, pulling out pieces of the meat and eating it!

After a few mouths-full, the leopard attempted one final claw, grab and bite and managed to pull what looks like a whole impala leg from the crocodile. This seemed like a fair enough portion for the leopard as it ran off into the distance to eat in peace. As the light from the safari visitors followed the leopard into the thicket, the crocodiles took the opportunity to make a break for the bushes to eat what was left of the meal.

2 thoughts on “Zambian leopard eats out of crocodile’s mouth

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