Jackal-leopard conflict in South Africa

This 22 June 2020 video from South Africa says about itself:

Jackals bark at the wrong leopard

Two [black-backed] jackals from Kgalagadi park were barking at a leopard for being too close to their den. This only angered the leopards and they ended up hunting down one of the jackals.

Leopard Teaches Cubs to Cross a Road

This 21 April 2020 video from South Africa says about itself:

Leopard Teaches Cubs How to Cross the Road

There is no need to go to Oklahoma to see cute cubs, GO TO AFRICA INSTEAD! There, you will watch these magnificent big cats how they should be viewed – in the wild. This video is in honor of all the animals that are locked up in cages when they should be in the wild.

Watch the unbelievably cute moment filmed on camera when a leopard mother is seen helping her cute newborn leopard cubs cross the road in the Kruger National Park. The heart-warming cuteness of these little ones is almost unbearable and all we can do is watch. When you get the opportunity to capture it on film, it makes the sighting even more special.

64 Year old, Thinus Delport, had the opportunity to see this incredible sighting of a mother leopard and her two very tiny cubs crossing a road 6km from Lower Sabie towards Crocodile Bridge. Thinus tells LatestSightings.com of the excitement to have been able to witness such a rare sighting.

“Early morning, my daughters and I left the camp looking for leopards. They were convinced that there are no leopards in the Kruger, as neither of them had ever seen one. As we drove, I jokingly convinced them to start singing in the car, to draw the leopards out, and so they did – and to my surprise – it actually worked!”

“We hit a traffic jam where a few cars were stationary. It seemed like visitors were looking at a pride of lions. My daughter noticed that in the thicket behind our vehicle, there was a mother leopard trying to move her cubs!!”

“It was my daughter’s first visit to the Kruger and she was the first to whip out her video camera. I’m glad she did because I would have been shaking so much from excitement, that the footage might have just been ruined. We stayed and watched as the mother crossed the road first to make sure that all was safe, before returning to encourage her cubs to cross to safety.”

“This was an extremely rare sighting, and you don’t often get to see a leopard mother relocate her cubs when they are still so young. We’ve been visiting the Kruger for over 50 years, and not once have we seen something like this. This just came to show that patience really does pay off.”

Indian peafowl don´t fear young leopard

This 27 March 2020 video from India says about itself:

A leopard cub’s afternoon nap is interrupted by a curious flock of peafowls. Normally, these birds wouldn’t go anywhere near a predator – but she’s too young to pose a serious threat.

Hungry leopardess risks death by stealing food

This 26 February 2020 video from Africa says about itself:

A Leopard Risks Her Life to Steal Food

A female leopard is risking life and limb by trying to steal food from another, male, leopard. One wrong move and the male, a third bigger than she is, could make her pay.

Zambian leopard eats out of crocodile’s mouth

This 25 February 2020 video says about itself:

Leopard Eats Food Right Out a Crocodile‘s Mouth

Watch the incredible moment a leopard builds up enough courage to go up to crocodile and eat right from its mouth!

This incredible moment of an opportunistic leopard stealing a croc’s meal right out of its mouth was filmed by Nicole Dangoor, a ranger at the Bush Camp Company.

She shared this incredible sighting with LatestSightings.com, and tells the story.

Nicole was joined by a group of safari visitors on a night drive in the South Luangwa National Park. They stopped to watch a couple of crocodiles who were in the middle of a feast when a leopard crept closer to the crocodile with the bulk of the food, seemingly interested in what the crocodile had in its mouth.

As the light was shining on the crocodile for a better view for the guests, the opportunistic leopard risked the chance and started biting and clawing at the pieces of meat dangling from the croc’s mouth, pulling out pieces of the meat and eating it!

After a few mouths-full, the leopard attempted one final claw, grab and bite and managed to pull what looks like a whole impala leg from the crocodile. This seemed like a fair enough portion for the leopard as it ran off into the distance to eat in peace. As the light from the safari visitors followed the leopard into the thicket, the crocodiles took the opportunity to make a break for the bushes to eat what was left of the meal.

South African leopardess hates being woken up

This 18 February 2020 video from South Africa says about itself:

How Not to Wake Up a Female Leopard

We often hear the saying that we should let sleeping dogs lie, but we never hear the same being said about leopards. After this video, maybe we should change that…

Pieter van Wyk, a 34-year-old game ranger in Mala Mala Game Reserve was in awe when he, along with a guest, witnessed this spectacular sighting of a leopard stalking and eventually chasing a leopardess. He excitedly sent the footage through to LatestSightings.com, elaborating how it is always an amazing experience to see just how stealthy a leopard can be! And how fast!

‘We had just left camp on our afternoon safari. We’d viewed a lioness with four cubs close to our camp before moving off to follow up on a female leopard that had been found with a buck in the morning. When we approached the area of the female, we saw a male leopard walking towards the female! After a while, he had finally spotted the female…’

‘Initially, we felt a collective feeling of excitement, seeing two adult leopards in the same sighting. Then it got rather humorous’ he went on to explain:

‘The female had been watching the male and then decided to take a nap. He then started stalking towards her as if she had not seen him, inching closer, and closer… The suspense grew as he got nearer to her, and she was seemingly unaware’.

As witnessed in the video, the leopardess got quite a fright upon her rude awakening. He went on to tell how ‘after being chased up the tree, the female watched the male move towards her meal. She eventually descended from the tree and moved off. It later became clear that there wasn’t much left of the buck, certainly not enough worth defending or hanging around over’.