Flowers, fungi, beach, birds of Terschelling island

European searocket, 27 September 2019

Still 27 September 2019 on Terschelling island. We reached the last sand dunes south of the North Sea coast. Where these European searocket flowers grew.

Sand, 27 September 2019

This photo and the next three are lensbaby photos.

On the beach, along the flood line: sanderlings. And two bar-tailed godwits.

Mud, 27 September 2019

Three Sandwich terns fly past.

Pole, 27 September 2019

On the beach, this pole commemorates a deceased nature lover.

Yellow flowers, 27 September 2019

We walked back; along these yellow flowers in the sand dunes.

Fly agaric fungi, 27 September 2019

Later, these fly agaric mushrooms.

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