Presidential candidate Buttigieg and the Iraq war

This 5 December 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

What was Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg doing in his safe house in Iraq — and why is he hiding it? Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton speak with Peter Van Buren, a longtime US State Department employee turned whistleblower.

Van Buren explains how corporate contractors profited from the war and built a shielded bubble of corruption in Baghdad’s Green Zone. We also address McKinsey & Company’s work with the CIA and Mayor Pete’s links to American intelligence agencies.

6 thoughts on “Presidential candidate Buttigieg and the Iraq war

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    The rest of America deserves to know what we have learned first-hand through Pete Buttigieg’s failed leadership.

    After Eric Logan was murdered by South Bend police, we asked for concrete action — a citizens review board, more implicit bias testing and training for officers, disciplinary action for officers who don’t turn on their body cameras — and we’re still waiting.

    Instead of helping low-income residents fix up their decaying homes and employing minority contractors to do the work, he created a lucrative revenue stream on the backs of those same communities with fines, late fees, and taxes.

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    Jorden Giger, Our Revolution South Bend


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