Elon Musk ‘unbreakable’ car window failure

This 2008 video is called Bill Gates, Windows 98, Blue Screen of Death.

This 22 November 2019 video says about itself:

‘Armor glass’ smashes in Tesla truck demo fail – BBC News

During a demo for the new Tesla “Cybertruck”, Elon Musk had an embarrassing moment when demonstrating how hard the windows were to break.

Twice, the truck’s windows were smashed, with Mr Musk joking there was “room for improvement”.

The all-electric truck was unveiled in Hawthorne, California, where its stainless steel, angular design was greeted with cheers but also bemusement.

Tesla’s truck will be sold starting at $39,900 (£30,900), for a model which has a range of 250 miles (402km), while the most expensive model, at $69,900, will have a range of 500 miles.

It will seat up to six adults and haul a payload of 3,500lbs, Tesla said.

This failure reminds me of this Volkswagen moment. And contrary to Volkswagen, not even a comedian prankster was needed for it at Tesla.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Employee of Tesla demolishes windows of ‘unbreakable’ pick-up truck

The unveiling of the new Tesla pick-up truck did not go smoothly. At the presentation, CEO Elon Musk wanted to show how robust the new model is, but the windows proved to be a lot less strong than expected.

Musk claimed that the exterior of the truck is ultra-strong and that the windows are made of armored glass. To show that, the head of the design department, Franz von Holzhausen, showed that a swipe with a hammer against the stainless steel door did not cause a dent. But when the Tesla employee threw a metal bullet against one of the windows, the “armored” glass shattered. “Oh my fucking god”, was the comment by CEO Musk.

“Maybe that was a bit too hard,” he said. “At least it didn’t get through,” Von Holzhauzen responded, who then also broke the rear door window. It is unknown whether the armored panes are really not strong enough or were destroyed deliberately, eg, to get media attention. Musk finished the presentation with the battered car behind him.

Futuristic armored vehicle

The new model has been given the name Cybertruck. With the angular appearance of a futuristic armored vehicle, the car does not at all resemble the pick-up trucks that are now seen in the streets. …

According to Musk, the angular design is based on one of the cars from the James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me (1977).

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