Chile workers strike, Bolivia, other news

This 12 November 2019 video from Ecuador is called General Strike Paralyses Chile. It has also news on Bolivia.

A Chilean striking worker in the video carries a portrait of Victor Jara, the singer murdered by the Pinochet dictatorship.

CHILE will hold a referendum on replacing the country’s constitution, it was announced today, meeting a key demand of protesters. The current constitution came into force in 1980 under the former military dictator Augusto Pinochet: here.

This ongoing militancy shows that for the millions of workers and youth across Chile, life under capitalism has become intolerable. Protesters have defied a brutal military and police-state repression in which 23 people have been killed, hundreds have lost their eyes and many have denounced torture and sexual abuse by the state: here.

7 thoughts on “Chile workers strike, Bolivia, other news

  1. Emergency meeting on: Indigenous, workers resist U.S.-backed coup in Bolivia

    Panel includes speakers from Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the U.S.

    Video footage will be shown from Bolivia

    Thursday Nov. 14 7 pm
    Solidarity Center, 147 W. 24 St. 2nd Fl, NYC

    Dinner before the meeting at 6:30 for a small donation


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