Top Ten dinosaur, other fossil discoveries

This 19 August 2019 video is about what it considers the Top Ten dinosaur and other fossil discoveries.

They are, as it says:

10. T-Rex
In 2005, something that was previously thought to be impossible was found during an archaeological dig in Montana, and it would take 8 years before scientists could explain what had happened. The discovery was a leg fossil of an adolescent T-Rex, but inside it, there was some tissue that was described as being soft, transparent, and flexible.

9. Tail In Amber
With only fossils to go by, it’s difficult to know exactly what species looked like a long time ago, but a discovery in 2015 helped us get a much better idea! Within a lump of amber that was on sale at a market in Myanmar, was a perfectly preserved prehistoric tail- complete with feathers.

8. Homotherium
It had long been thought that Homotherium, a type of saber-toothed cat from Europe, had gone extinct about 300,000 years ago, but analysis of a discovery in 2000 forced researchers to rethink everything.

7. Brachylophosaurus
One of the rarest fossils found in recent times was of a Brachylophosaurus canadensis. It was found in a canyon wall in Montana in the year 2000, and it took a demolition crew to fully remove the 18-foot piece of stone from the cliff. Fossils of the 77 million-year-old duck-billed dinosaur are hardly ever found, but this one was even more special because its skin had also fossilized.

6. Hematite Tubes
The earth is believed to be around 4.55 billion years old, but a recent discovery has found that it wasn’t too long until the first signs of life began to emerge. Very few places on the planet have any rocks that are older than 3 billion years, but the places where some survive are the ideal hunting ground for ancient life.

5. Four-Legged Snake
The evolutionary history of snakes has long been of interest to researchers- specifically whether they emerged from the oceans without limbs or whether this was an adaptation that developed later on. Fossils to prove one way or another were proving to be elusive, but one discovery that was announced in 2015 changed all that.

4. Protoceratops and Velociraptor
One of the most stunning fossils ever to be found was discovered by a team that was looking at white sandstone cliffs in the Gobi desert in southern Mongolia. Dated to around 80 million years ago, it’s of two dinosaurs, a Velociraptor, and a Protoceratops, which were fighting each other when they were suddenly buried by a sand flow.

3. Baleen Whale
After originally having been found in 1978 and dismissed as unimportant, scientists returned to a fossil 30 years later and realized it was far more significant than was first thought. It had been discovered in a canyon in Palos Verdes in LA and is believed to be about 14 to 16 million years old.

2. Ichthyosaur
During the time of the dinosaurs, the oceans were just as dangerous as the land, and one of the most dominant predators to ever swim the seas was the Ichthyosaur. They evolved from land-based lizards who returned to the water around 250 million years ago, and the discovery in China of a fossil has given much clearer details of how they gave birth.

1. Nodosaur
In 2011, as a heavy machine operator dug up the ground at the Millenium mine in Alberta, he hit something that was noticeably harder than the surrounding rock. Strange colored lumps of rock started coming out and he realized he had found something unusual… something that turned out to be a very rare type of fossil.

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