2019 American barred owl nest webcam highlights

This 14 August 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

2019 Barred Owl Cam Season Highlights

Relive all the wonderful memories from the 2019 Wild Birds Unlimited Barred Owl cam!

Classic hooting calls announced the return of the owls to their rural Indiana nest box. “Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you-all?”

In the following days, two white eggs appeared beneath the female. The male played the role of hunter while his mate tended to the eggs. As opportunistic predators, Barred Owls eat everything from small mammals to aquatic prey, like crayfish.

Incubation continued for 33 days before the eggs started hatching. The female quickly assumed her role as attentive mother to her downy duo.

Thanks to committed parents and plenty of food, “Fluff” and “Puff” began to grow and grow and grow.

At five weeks old, they were ready to leave the nest box with a bit of encouragement. “Fluff” fledged with confidence, while “Puff” was a bit reluctant. Good luck to our favorite owl family on the next stage! Thanks for watching and learning with us in 2019. See you next year!

3 thoughts on “2019 American barred owl nest webcam highlights

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