Greenland against being bought by Donald Trump

This 16 August 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Trump Wants to Buy Greenland: Reports

President Trump has allegedly directed the White House counsel to “look into the idea” of purchasing Greenland, The Wall Street Journal reported. The president also reportedly brought up the idea at a dinner with his associates last spring, asking his guests, “What do you guys think about that? Do you think it would work?”

TRUMP MIGHT WANT TO BUY GREENLAND President Trump is reportedly interested in buying Greenland, an ice-covered island melting before the world’s eyes. According to The Wall Street Journal, sources say the president has repeatedly expressed interest in acquiring the autonomous Danish territory situated between the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans. [HuffPost]

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Greenland: we are not for sale

The Greenland Foreign Minister says that her country is not for sale. She responds to a report in the newspaper The Wall Street Journal. It wrote last night based on sources around US President Trump that he has his eyes on the huge island and wants to buy the land from Denmark.

Trump is said to have come up with the idea when he heard that Denmark transfers abmorning.a billion euros to the country every year. …

Danish politicians attacked the idea this morning. “It must be a April Fools‘ joke”, said former Prime Minister Rasmussen. “You can’t sell Greenland like you used to do with a colony”, said a Social Liberal MP. …

Rich in minerals

Greenland has the interest of superpowers such as the US, China and Russia because of its strategic location and the raw materials it has. ..

Greenland has an air force base of the United States, the Thule Air Base.

A base with a Pentagon nuclear weapons scandal history.

It is not the first time that the US Americans want to buy Greenland. The US proposed in 1946 to buy the country for $ 100 million, but that was refused.

In 1917, the USA did buy the then Danish West Indies for $ 25 million. Today, that island group in the Caribbean is known as the US Virgin Islands. The state of Alaska was also bought: in 1867 from Russia for 7.2 million dollars.

Donald Trump has said before that the wanted to make Puerto Rico his private property, renaming it ‘Puerto Trump’.

DANISH PM: GREENLAND ISN’T FOR SALE President Donald Trump confirmed that he is considering the “large real estate deal” of purchasing the autonomous Danish territory of Greenland, saying that it would be “strategically interesting.” The Danish prime minister has slammed the notion, saying “Greenland isn’t for sale.” [HuffPost]

8 thoughts on “Greenland against being bought by Donald Trump

  1. Why bother with Greenland, when he’ll soon have a fully-developed, industrialised country under Federal control. We all know its name, and a certain yank called Boris Johnson will soon be the new state’s governor.


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