Triassic dinosaurs, other animals

This 8 November 2018 video by Mario Lanzas from Spain says about itself:

TRIASSIC PERIOD. Early Dinosaurs and other strange animals. Paleoart. Size comparison.

INCLUDED: Scleromochlus, Drepanosaurus, Sharovipteryx, Eudimorphodon, Cynognathus, Lotosaurus, Lystrosaurus, Tawa, Coelophysis, Arizonasaurus, Herrerasaurus, Shringasaurus, Tanystropheus, Postosuchus, Desmatosuchus, Erythrosuchus, Melanorosaurus, Plateosaurus.

Many of these illustrations are maily based on the work of Mark Witton, Scott Hartman and Matt Celeskey.

5 thoughts on “Triassic dinosaurs, other animals

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