Anti-Semitic mass murder in the USA

This 27 October 2018 video from Pennsylvania in the USA is called ‘Multiple casualties’ in shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue.

After the United States extreme right screaming ‘Jews will not replace us’ at their Charlottesville murderous riot … after United States anti-Semites vandalizing Jewish cemeteries … after the massacre by an extreme right Canadian gunman in a mosque in Quebec

From CBS in the USA:

October 27, 2018, 12:24 PM

At least 8 dead in shooting at Pittsburgh synagogue — live updates

By Justin Carissimo

At least eight people were killed and multiple others injured in shooting Saturday morning at a synagogue in a Pittsburgh neighborhood known for its Jewish population, CBS Pittsburgh/KDKA reports. The gunman, only described as a white male,

called Robert Bowers.

Bowers wrote “jews are the children of satan. (john 8:44) — —- the lord jesus christ is come in the flesh.”

Bowers regularly reposted anti-immigrant sentiment as well as memes that preached Holocaust denial.

surrendered and was taken into custody, the station reports.

The suspect burst into the synagogue and indiscriminately fired in the building while shouting, “All Jews must die“, police sources told KDKA.

Three officers were shot during the incident, officials said. The extent of their injuries are unclear. …

The synagogue, which is located on the corner of Wilkens and Shady Avenue, was packed full of congregants for its weekly Shabbat services. Police said they received calls from people who were barricaded inside the building, KDKA reports. Squirrel Hill is a residential neighborhood located about 15 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh.

Trump Blames Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting On Lack Of Security — Not Lax Gun Laws. October 27, 2018. By Forward Staff.

I wish recovery to all injured people, and strength to all survivors of this horrible racist massacre.

LIVE: At least 10 dead at Jewish baby naming ceremony in US. The suspect has been named as Robert Bowers, who reportedly shouted antisemitic threats as he carried out his attack: here.

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