American teacher prevents massacre with basketball, not with gun

This video from the USA says about itself:

Teacher Jason Seaman called a hero for stopping school shooter

25 May 2018

The mother of the teacher credited with helping to stop a school shooting at Noblesville West Middle School says her son, Jason Seaman, was shot three times. Seaman is a science teacher at the school.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

Shooting at American school stopped quickly by heroic teacher

A shooting yesterday at a school in the American town of Noblesville [in Indiana], which injured two people, was so ‘small’ that quite a few media in the US did not even pay attention to it. The Washington Post notes in a distressed tone how ‘normal’ it has become apparently that students open fire on classmates. Bizarre detail: without the heroic actions of the 29-year-old teacher Jason Seaman, the shooting probably would have been a massacre. …

How did this heroic teacher prevent a bloodbath? Surely, because he had a gun; like President Trump and the National Rifle Association want to be mandatory for teachers.

Not so soon. If the teacher would have had a gun, then there would have been a panic causing crossfire which might have killed and/or injured far more people than the two persons injured now.

Teacher Jason Seaman prevented mass murder with an object far less lethal, but maybe even more ‘American’ than a gun.

[According to] students of the Noblesville West Middle School, physics and chemistry teacher Seaman challenged the attacker. He threw a basketball at the boy, ran towards him, knocked a gun from his hand and tackled him, says a classmate of the shooter to ABC News. One of the pupils was injured, but without Seaman’s actions it would certainly have been more, according to his statement.

Teacher Seaman was struck three times during his intervention, his mother wrote on Facebook. According to the police, he is out of danger. The student who was struck, a girl, is in worse shape. She is in a critical condition in the hospital.

The shooting follows a week after a student at a high school in Texas killed eight fellow students and two teachers. Last February, seventeen people were shot dead at a school in Parkland, Florida. It unleashed an international student protest against armed violence: MarchForOurLives.

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