Belgian authorities interrogate Catalan refugees

This video recorded in Catalonia by British daily The Guardian says about itself:

1 October 2017

Video footage of police brutality against voters in Girona has appeared. The video shows police hitting people in the crowd with batons while voters hold up their hands. Catalan president Carles Puigdemont has told reporters that ‘violence will not stop Catalans from voting‘.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Puigdemont and ministers report to Belgian police

Today, 12:48

The deposed Catalan government president Puigdemont and the four ministers who are with him in Belgium have reported themselves to the Belgian police. The Belgian authorities announced that at a press conference.

Puigemont and his ministers have declared themselves a quarter past nine this morning. In the presence of their lawyers, they were officially informed about the European arrest warrant. They are being interrogated this afternoon by a investigating judge. He must say within 24 hours what he will do with the European warrant.

That judge has several options. He may refuse to carry out the arrest warrant, or he may arrest the Catalans or free them under conditions.

Issue not yet finished

If the judge agrees with the European arrest warrant, then a council must take a decision within two weeks on the Spanish arrest warrant. After that, an appeal may take another two weeks. …

The Catalans are being prosecuted in Spain for rebellion, rabble rousing and abuse of government money. There is a prison sentence of 30 years for that.

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