Follow tiger shark Quinty’s migration on the Internet

This video says about itself:

8 May 2012

On an expedition to the Bahamas, Jonathan encounters dozens of Lemon sharks while trying to film a Tiger shark. But finally a Tiger shark arrives and you won’t believe the incredible encounter Jonathan has with this enormous, hungry animal.

Translated from The Save Our Sharks site, 29 March 2017:

For the first time people can follow a Caribbean shark via satellite

Shark “Quinty” swims 1,200 kilometers from Saba to Trinidad in four weeks

Today shark conservation campaign Save Our Sharks has launched a website where live sharks can be tracked. Last October a number of tiger sharks around the Dutch Caribbean islands were equipped with satellite transmitters to study how they use the area and where they go swimming. …

The first shark which got a transmitter this way has got the name Quinty, after [TV presenter] Quinty Trustfull … The shark can be followed at this site

The female tiger shark Quinty is 3.43 meters long, which makes her an adult lady of about 15 years. Since she was equipped on the Saba Bank with the satellite transmitter Quinty swam over 1200 kilometers south within a month. Thus she reached in early December 2016 Trinidad and Tobago, where she stayed for three months, before traveling to her current location near Barbados. During this trip she swam through the waters of 13 different countries.

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