Orangutans freed in Borneo rainforest

This 2012 video is called AMAZING ORANGUTAN TOUR BORNEO.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Orangutans returned to native Borneo

Monday 19th December 2016

A BRITISH charity has overseen the safe return of two critically endangered orangutans to their native Borneo, after they were taught how to live in the wild.

A team from the Orangutan Conservation Centre in West Kalimantan travelled with the pair from Britain who were previously held as pets until they were rescued.

Eight-year-old male orangutan Johnny and 10-year-old female Desi had spent more than four years at the International Animal Rescue’s (IAR) Orangutan Conservation Centre.

They learned how to climb, forage, make nests and other survival skills that are vital for their survival in the rainforest.

As soon as they were released into the wild, the apes climbed trees and foraged. A team will monitor them, making records of their progress, a spokesman for IAR said.

The International Union of Conservation of Nature recently reclassified the Bornean orangutan as critically endangered as numbers have dropped by more than 80 per cent in the last 75 years due to deforestation.

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