Still United States private prisons

This video says about itself:

U.S. Govt to Renew Contract With Infamous Private Prison Firm

18 November 2016

Private prisons will continue to make millions in the US, as Obama’s government just renewed their contract.

SESSIONS REVERSED OBAMA-ERA POLICY THAT CURTAILED USE OF PRIVATE PRISONS Citing the future needs of the federal correctional system. [HuffPost]

NO CHARGES IN DEATH OF A PRISON INMATE WHO WAS FORCED TO TAKE A SCALDING SHOWER FOR 2 HOURS Witnesses said his skin appeared to be slipping off his body. [HuffPost]

Government moves survivors of San Antonio truck trailer disaster to for-profit jail. By Genevieve Leigh, 26 July 2017. The US government is transporting immigrants who survived nearly suffocating to death in the back of a semi-truck trailer to detention centers in Texas. The immigrants, some of whom spent 24 hours in the back of a hot trailer with no air conditioning or ventilation, were barely allowed to stretch their legs before the government began the process of deportation. With no regard for the trauma the immigrants suffered, the government has placed them back in a locked, confined space from which they are not allowed to leave: here.

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