Ukrainian miners on hunger strike

This video says about itself:

West UkraineRivne Region. Ukr. National guard opened fire against local amber miners | English Subtitles

31 July 2015

Police and National Guard in Dubrovitsa, Rivne region, deployed weapons against local citizens. Policemen stopped the operation of several amber mines, detained several workers at the same time. Local citizens demanded to release them, but negotiations with police and local officials became deadlocked, shootings with plastic bullets started, flash-bangs were deployed.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Ukraine: Coalminers resort to hunger strike

Friday 11th November 2016

UKRAINIAN coal miners demanding the payment of three months’ wage arrears continued their hunger-strike into its fourth day yesterday despite the government’s promise to find the cash.

This video about Ukraine says about itself:

President Poroshenko’s Secret Offshore Deals Revealed

3 April 2016

There’s no ‘blind trust’. President Poroshenko lied about his business assets, a tax evasion scheme is involved.

Hromadske’s investigative unit Slidstvo.Info publishes a groundbreaking story revealing the truth behind the business empire of the Ukrainian president.

The Morning Star article continues:

Energy Minister Igor Nasalyk promised on Wednesday to ask the PM to allocate 8.5 million hryvnia (£260,000) to pay miners at the state-owned No 10 Novovolynsk mine in western Ukraine, but the 50 workers on hunger strike pledged to maintain their fast yesterday.

“We have bitter experience and know the price [of] promises,” said an Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine member at the colliery, Alexander Gerasymchuk.

“But beyond promises, it has not moved,” he said, adding that workers were willing to “starve.”

Mr Gerasymchuk claimed mine managers were now supporting the workers’ tactics.

Around 300 miners staged protests at a border-crossing point on October 27 demanding their three months’ pay.

When the protests failed to prompt bosses to act, 50 of the workers decided to resort to more extreme action in a bid to secure their wages.

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