Great cormorant eats eel, video

This video from Ireland says about itself:

6 September 2016

Swallowing an enormous elongated fish is not an eating challenge for this most amazing fishing bird; the bird was hungry and dived under the water to hunt for fish. This fishing bird is an expert at catching big fish. The fishing bird spotted an enormous elongated fish under the water and it then attacked the fish. In this amazing predator vs. prey scene the enormous elongated fish battles hard to escape the attack from the hungry predator, but the fishing bird was relentless and it did not stop the attacks until the fish was beaten and exhausted and unable to defend itself anymore. The fishing bird then amazingly swallowed the enormous fish down its specially adapted throat in one huge gulp. Many animals of all shapes and sizes swallow their food whole.

One thought on “Great cormorant eats eel, video

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