Irish kestrel hovers, video

This video from Ireland says about itself:

6 August 2016

A kestrel is a bird of prey and a species of falcon that hovers high above the ground as it searches for prey below. It has a hooked bill for eating meat and sharp talons for holding prey and tearing into flesh. Kestrel are carnivorous predatory birds also known as raptors.

Kestrels hunt by hovering high in the air, usually between 35 and 65 feet (10-20 meters) either by flying into the wind or by soaring using ridge lift, they are also known as windhover. When a kestrel spots its prey on the ground it will swoop down from high above and catch the prey with its sharp talons.

Kestrels can see in ultraviolet and are able to spot the urinary trails left by rodents as they come and go from their burrows. The kestrel’s diet is usually small mammals but they will also eat reptiles and insects, invertebrates and sometimes other birds. Kestrels have a brownish plumage and they are small birds of prey. Kestrels are also known as the common kestrel and measure 32–39 cm (13–15 in) from head to tail, with a wingspan of 65–82 cm (26–32 in). Females are larger, with the adult male weighing 136–252 g (4.8–8.9 oz), around 155 g (5.5 oz) on average; the adult female weighs 154–314 g (5.4–11.1 oz), around 184 g (6.5 oz) on average. The common kestrel is also known as the European kestrel, Eurasian kestrel, or Old World kestrel. Kestrel, Falco tinnunculus.

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