French workers keep demonstrating for their rights

This video says about itself:

Protests Continue Against French Labor Law

24 June 2016

Demonstrators in France continued to march against labor reforms. The legislation would weaken workers’ rights. … Marchers say that the labor law is “slavery”. Despite months of marches, they show no sign of conceding.

The French are not thrilled after learning their president pays six figures of taxpayer money to get his hair cut.

11 thoughts on “French workers keep demonstrating for their rights

  1. Monday 27th June 2016

    posted by James Tweedie in World

    FRANCE’s striking CGT and CFDT unions spoke out on Saturday after their offices were attacked and vandalised by masked thugs.

    The General Confederation of Labour (CGT) head office in the Paris suburb of Montreuil was attacked on Friday night by the unidentified thugs.CGT official Alessandro Vitagliano said windows were smashed and the main door broken down.

    Only the intervention of security guards stopped the vandals from entering the building and causing more damage.

    He said the violence was an attempt to discourage “the social movement in progress” as French workers fight against the Socialist Party government’s EU-prescribed attacks on collective bargaining rights and redundancy protections.

    “The verbal abuse and insults against the CGT also help to maintain this poisonous atmosphere,” Mr Vitagliano said.

    “We reiterate that only through debate and union action by the mobilisations is it possible to hear the claims of workers and the working world,” he said. “More than ever, mobilisation remains the agenda.”

    The attack followed what fellow union the French Democratic Confederation of Labour (CFDT) called a “siege” of its offices in Paris on Thursday night.

    The CFDT’s executive committee issued a statement on Saturday condemning both attacks “without reservation” and expressing solidarity with the CGT.

    “Through these acts of vandalism, it is democracy that is under attack,” it said.

    “The acts of violence that have occurred in recent weeks should not take precedence over respect for individuals and property, pluralism and dialogue between social actors.”


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  4. Friday 16th September 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    Unions protest at attack on workers’ rights

    by James Tweedie

    FRENCH workers mounted a last-ditch defence against the government’s widely hated labour reforms yesterday by taking to the streets in their thousands.

    Trade union federations and youth groups united in a general strike and large-scale protests to oppose the Socialist Party government’s new labour law.

    It was the 14th time they had taken to the streets to resist the legislation, which gives employers greater powers to extend weekly working limits, cut overtime rates and lay off staff.

    The government was twice forced to use article 49.3 of the constitution to issue it as a decree after Socialist MPs rebelled.

    CGT union leader Philippe Martinez vowed to fight the law through the courts and at company level.

    He urged workers to keep “fighting tooth and nail to stop it crossing the threshold.”

    The law also allows firms to opt out of some aspects of industry-wide agreements with unions — still a feature of working life in France.

    At a large demonstration in Marseille, CGT member Francois Roche said: “We will show them that, law or no law, we will always stand against them.”

    Protests were particularly angry in the eastern city of Belfort, where train manufacturer Alstom is threatening to close its factory after 136 years with the loss of 400 jobs.

    Hundreds chanted: “Alstom is Belfort, Belfort is Alstom” on a march from the factory gates.

    Air traffic controllers launched a strike as part of the action on Wednesday, leading to nearly 100 flight cancellations yesterday — including 15 per cent of Paris flights.

    Teachers, postal and railway workers also joined the strike.

    In Paris, riot police charged repeatedly at scattered groups, some of whom lit a bonfire in the middle of a street off the plaza at Place de la Republique, a nexus for this year’s protests.

    Some demonstrators wore masks or scarves to conceal their faces and protect themselves from tear gas and pepper spray.


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