Vote Sanders, actor Kendrick Sampson says

This video from the USA says about itself:

Actor Kendrick Sampson: Why I’m Voting For Bernie Sanders

6 June 2016

How to Get Away with Murder actor Sampson says the American people need a champion of progressive causes and can’t wait for incremental change.

With frontrunner’s poll numbers falling in California, Clinton campaign, media rush to declare Clinton the Democratic nominee: here.

HUFFPOLLSTER: Things Are Not Looking Good In The Polls For Hillary Clinton. She still leads in most polls, but the margins have narrowed in recent weeks: here.

Clinton’s Speech Shows That Only Sanders Is Fit for the Presidency: here.

5 thoughts on “Vote Sanders, actor Kendrick Sampson says

  1. They chose the fracking lobbyist over the three-star admiral.


    In Pennsylvania a few weeks ago, the party Politburo force-fed the Democratic Senate nomination to Katie McGinty, a fracking lobbyist. They wasted millions of dollars of party money to ensure the defeat of Joe Sestak, the highest-ranking military officer ever to serve in Congress, who had a 100% rating from the AFL-CIO. Even though Sestak polled substantially better in general election polls than McGinty did.

    Why? Because Sestak wouldn’t kowtow to them. So they had to destroy him.

    Don’t let malevolent party bosses deliver every nomination to pliant tools. Contribute $3 to our campaign to make the unDemocratic Party democratic again >>

    With some Senators, it seems, there are only 99 other people who matter to you. So it was in 2010, when Senate Dictator Harry Reid tried to deliver the Democratic Senate nomination in Pennsylvania to Arlen Specter – a Republican! After decades of accumulating a miserable record on every issue that matters to Democrats, Specter decided to bug out on his own party, as long as Reid promised to deliver the Senate Democratic nomination to him.

    Only Joe Sestak, a three-term Member of Congress and a former three-star admiral, stood in the way of that stinking maneuver. Joe, who had expected to run against Specter in the general election, ended up running against the GOP turncoat in the Democratic primary.

    The DC Establishment tried to bully Sestak out of the race. (Boy, that sure sounds familiar to me.) Sestak stayed in. The Administration offered Sestak a political appointment if he would drop out. Sestak stayed in. Reid CLOSED DOWN THE SENATE and took the President, the Vice President and the Senate Democratic Caucus up to Philadelphia for a fundraiser for Specter – so that Specter could pay back his GOP donors! Sestak stayed in.

    The party Politburo raised $17 million for Specter.

    Sestak stayed in.

    The party wasted $2 million in party money on behalf of the GOP quisling – money that it was allowed to spend only once in the 2010 election cycle, which then wasn’t available for the general election.

    Sestak stayed in.

    Sestak beat the party-switcher by eight points in the Democratic primary.

    Then, in the worst election cycle for the Democrats in 106 years (you can look it up), Sestak gave the GOP a titanic battle in the general election, losing to Pat Toomey by just two points. It was the closest Senate race that any Republican won that year.

    Did the party say, “thank you, Joe, you ran a great race, we owe you one?” Not on your life. The power-mad party bosses carried a grudge against Sestak for six years, and a few weeks ago, they buried him – in favor of a fracking lobbyist.

    This is so wrong. How can we call ourselves the “Democratic” Party when the party bosses hold all the power? I’m fight back against this, but I need your help now >>

    So, this year, we had Admiral Joe preparing for a rematch against Pat Toomey, in a far better year for Democrats. Nationwide generic polling for the Democrats is ten points better than it was in 2010, and Sestak lost by only two. However, spiteful Harry Reid and the other party despots, tyrants and autocrats just didn’t want it that way. Reid told Sestak, “Sestak, when tell you something, the only answer is to be ‘yes,’” and Sestak, a three-star admiral who felt a greater loyalty to the voters than to the party Politburo, found it difficult to agree to those terms of surrender. So Democratic Party despots took failed statewide candidate Katie McGinty, who ran fourth in the 2014 Democratic gubernatorial primary, with only seven percent of the vote, and they tried to drag her over the finish line.

    Every single one of the six general election polls between September and March showed Joe Sestak performing better than McGinty against GOP Sen. Toomey – an average of four points better. The party poohbahs did not care. For them, it wasn’t about defeating Republican Toomey – it was about defeating Democrat Sestak.

    They couldn’t sell McGinty to the voters as a fracking lobbyist, so they sold her as a mom. Yes, that’s right – she’s a woman, and she has three children. She’s a mom. And it would be a nice thing if there were more moms in public office. But why this particular mom? There are around three million moms in Pennsylvania, and approximately 2,999,999 aren’t fracking lobbyists.

    Let me be blunt. I fight for justice, equality and peace. That often places me at odds with party bosses, who are engorged like blood-filled ticks on special interest sewer money. I can beat them, but the only way that I can beat them is if you help – right here, right now >>

    Help me beat the bosses. Help me defeat the dictators. Help me top the tyrants.

    We can do it.


    Rep. Alan Grayson


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