Egyptian vulture, snake eagle in Extremadura, Spain

Crested larks, 18 April 2016

After earlier on 18 April 2016, we are on that day still in Extremadura, Spain. We go back, uphill from the river valley. Crested larks on the dirt road.

Egyptian vulture, 18 April 2016

An Egyptian vulture flying.

Egyptian vulture, on 18 April 2016

It flies closer to us.

A hoopoe calls.

Red sandspurry, 18 April 2016

Many red sandspurry flowers in the middle of the road.

Gum rockrose, 18 April 2016

Later, along the road, gum rockrose flowers.

In the dehesa behind a fence, a red deer.

Short-toed snake eagle, 18 April 2016

While we walk in the dehesa, a short-toed snake eagle flies past.

Jaraicejo church, 18 April 2016

In the distance, we see the church of Jaraicejo village already.

Common water-crowfoot, 18 April 2016

In a lakelet, common water-crowfoot flowers.

Holly oak flowering, 18 April 2016

A bit further, a holly oak flowering.

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