European, Asian bird news

This May 2017 webcam video from Israel is called Short-toed snake eagle, Israel, 5 19 2017. Snake delivery. Mom feeds new 1 day old hatch[ling].

From BirdLife:

26 May 2017

The Bird Bulletin, Vol.9

By Gui-Xi Young

Welcome to the latest edition of ‘The Bird Bulletin’ – our weekly news brief. Every Friday morning, we bring you bite-sized updates from across Europe & Central Asia – kick start your weekend with “what a little bird told me!”

OUT FOR THE COUNT – Volunteers from our partners ACBK (Kazakhstan) and RSPB (UK) braved remote and rugged terrain for a three-week raptor survey in the hills of Karatau State Nature Reserve, part of the Western Tien-Shan UNESCO world heritage site. They report back healthy populations of Eurasian Griffon Vulture, Black Vulture and Golden Eagle, but a noticeable absence of Short-toed Snake Eagles. Read more…

Flying start for the Turtle-dove! – Nature’s fabled symbol of fidelity is bringing governments, NGOs, scientists and even hunters together in an inspiring group effort to bring new hope to the threatened dove across its perilous flyways. Read more…

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! You’re got to check out the fantastic footage beaming live from the nest in Israel: a newly hatched Short-toed Eagle chick! Watch now…

EMERALD GREEN – This week, on the International Day for Biological Diversity (22 May), the Bern Convention launched its Emerald Network Viewer. This on-line, multi-feature tool allows people to virtually navigate the Emerald Network of Areas of Special Conservation Interest. Start exploring…

Sing sweet NightingaleAnd in case you’ve missed it, check out the 100th episode of ‘Nature’s Voice’, RSPB’s award-winning podcast series. This special episode is dedicated to the UK’s ‘National Nightingale Festival’. Listen now…

Well that’s all for today’s ‘Bird Bulletin’ – tune in next week for more cheeps, chirps and chatter.

Bye bye birdies!

Gui-Xi Young, News Editor – BirdLife Europe & Central Asia

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