British PM Cameron antagonizes his own aunt and mother

This video from England is called No to Disability Cuts! March of the Uninvisible People, Oxford 2011.

By Conrad Landin in Britain:

Auntie does know best, eh Dave?

Wednesday 17th February 2016

Agony for PM as his own aunt takes part in her second protest against kids’ centre cuts

DAVID CAMERON’S aunt picketed her local council yesterday to save children’s centres from the government’s axe in the Prime Minister’s own backyard.

Clare Currie protested for the second time in four days at Oxford’s County Hall to “stop the cuts” because they would “affect the most vulnerable.”

Some of the cuts had been agreed upon by councillors who announced that an amended budget would be published and that the unitary consultation was approved, according to the Oxford Mail.

A whopping additional £50 million cuts to front-line services in Oxfordshire means that vital play-and-stay sessions and youth services are at risk of “vanishing altogether,” general union Unite said.

Both Mr Cameron’s mother Mary and his aunt Ms Currie have spoken out against the closures of children’s centres. Protesting outside the council meeting yesterday, Ms Currie told the Oxford Mail: “I just wanted to try to stop the cuts from happening in Oxford.

“They will affect the most vulnerable and I think it just increases isolation and loneliness for all groups of people.”

Workers staged a 24-hour strike yesterday, with hundreds of workers picketing the 44 children’s centres earmarked for closure.

Outside the centres and at a lobby of the council meeting, protesters wielded placards that read: “David — listen to your mother!”

Labour shadow communities secretary Jon Trickett told the Star: “If even Tory councils can’t manage in spite of the bungs ministers offered to them last week, it shows the terrible state of the situation elsewhere.

“Local residents face a double whammy of inflation-busting council tax rises at the same time as significant cuts to public services. Only in the nightmare world of Osbornomics can you simultaneously have tax rises and service cuts.

“Since he won’t listen to anyone else, it’s time he listened to his mum and his auntie.”

The council had already planned £292m worth of cuts between 2010-18. Until this week officers expected councillors to rubber stamp the budget with ease, but the defection of an independent councillor who had previously supported the Tories threw yesterday’s meeting onto a knife edge.

A series of primeministerial blunders have thrown the cuts in Oxfordshire, which includes Mr Cameron‘s Witney constituency, into the spotlight.

In November it was revealed that the Prime Minister had written to Tory council leader Ian Hudspeth suggesting the authority make “back-office savings” rather than cut the front line.

His critics said the “high-handed and arrogant” letter showed that he failed to realise the effects of his government’s cuts.

Tory council chiefs are also seeking to withdraw funding from brain injury charity Headway, which accused the Prime Minister of “cynical vote-garnering.”

Unite Oxfordshire branch officer Tom Sutherland said: “David Cameron‘s hypocrisy is mindboggling.”

Earlier this week Cameron called for the government to place a greater focus on mental health, after a report found inadequate care had led to “thousands of tragic and unnecessary deaths.”

But Headway chief executive Jamie Miller said it was “incredibly cynical” and accused him of trying to “garner the votes of the public by being seen to be empathic to the needs of those that his policies are actually persecuting for having the temerity to be ill, elderly or poor.”

“Instead of cutting the funding for charities that provide the most cost effective solutions to the increasing demand, why not invest prudently in a well resourced health and social care system that actually works for the benefit of those that need it, whatever their condition” he asked.

2 thoughts on “British PM Cameron antagonizes his own aunt and mother

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  2. Strike by children’s services staff in UK county of Oxfordshire

    Staff working for the Early Intervention Service (EIS) at Oxfordshire County Council held a 24-hour strike Tuesday. The members of the Unite union voted by an 83 percent majority to hold the strike. It coincided with a meeting of the council to set the budget for 2016/17, which involves pushing through cuts of £69 million. The proposals include plans to close all 44 children’s centres and seven EIS hubs throughout Oxfordshire, which includes Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron’s Witney parliamentary constituency.

    The strikers’ picket line was joined by hundreds of protesters against the council’s planned closures.

    Vote for strike by UK children’s charity staff

    Staff working for Action for Children have voted for a strike in a long-running dispute over a wage increase. The workers, represented by the Unite and Unison unions, voted by more than 70 percent for a strike and by nearly 90 percent for action short of a strike. However, turnout was low with only around a third of those eligible to vote taking part.

    Action for Children with around 5,000 employees is seeking to impose a 1 percent pay increase for 2015/16 and no cost-of-living increase for 40 percent of staff. Both Unison and Unite have called for the charity to seek the assistance of the government conciliation service ACAS to settle the dispute.

    Neither union has set a date for any strike or other action.


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