Butterfly, hoverfly and spider

This video from the USA says about itself:

13 December 2011

Pieris rapae, also known as the Cabbage white or Brassica butterfly [or small white], completes its entire life cycle in this minimally-narrated video. Pieris rapae raised along with Wisconsin Fast Plants provide a rich example of interdependence and interrelatedness among organisms who share a habitat.

This morning, on the butterfly-bush, a small white butterfly.

Higher up, on the balcony, a spider had made its web on a plant.

The flowers attracted a hoverfly as well.

It was not a big hoverfly. Nevertheless, the spider and its web were no dangers to it: the spider was so small that one could not imagine it eating something really bigger than fruitflies.

Was this a young spider? A male of a species in which females are bigger? Or just a small species?

4 thoughts on “Butterfly, hoverfly and spider

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