Swaziland anti-dictatorship activists freed

This 2009 video from Swaziland says about itself:

Free Mario Masuku

The Swazi regime charged President Mario Masuku with “high treason” in Nov 2000. He stood accused for 21 months without conclusion of trial. In Aug 2002 he was freed by the courts and released from prison.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Swaziland: Unions hail freeing of activists for democracy

Thursday 16th July 2015

SWAZI trade unions yesterday welcomed the release on bail of two pro-democracy leaders imprisoned by their country’s royal regime.

People’s United Democratic Movement president Mario Masuku and Swaziland Youth Congress secretary-general Maxwell Dlamini were arrested for speaking at last year’s Trade Union Congress of Swaziland May Day rally.

They were bailed on Tuesday after more than a year in detention, during which they say they were subjected to brutal torture and inhumane conditions.

Mr Masuku had previously been jailed in 2001 for sedition against King Mswati III’s government and in 2008 for allegedly condoning terrorism in a speech at the funeral of Musa Dlamini.

‘Terrorism’, yeah right. In another absolute monarchy, Saudi Arabia, women are considered ‘terrorists’ for driving cars.

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